There are a variety of casino loyalty programs that you can participate in. These include Grazie, MyBoardingPass, and Winners Circle. Each of these programs offers you different benefits depending on the casino you choose. For example, Grazie gives you free access to a private club, while MyBoardingPass rewards you with exclusive promotions.

Tier status

There is a debate in marketing and economics regarding the value of tier status in a casino loyalty program. Some claim it is a good way to enhance customer identification with a company or brand. Others, however, argue that maintaining a high tier status is more about money and status than about loyalty to a brand.

The study was aimed at evaluating the effect of a tier status on behavioral and attitudinal loyalty in casino customers. This includes the impact of tier status on gamblers with disordered gambling symptomatology, as well as the effect of a tier status on gamblers with no gambling disorder.

Gamblers with high tier status may be more willing to spend more on gambling than their lower tier peers. In addition, higher tier members may also report having greater sensitivity to the rewards associated with a high tier membership.

Rewards program

Casino loyalty programs are meant to encourage players to make repeated trips to a casino. They offer extras like free bets, weekend promotions, and exclusive offers. Some casinos also allow the use of loyalty points to purchase prizes or redeem them for cash.

Gamblers who are members of casino loyalty programs can enter a program known as the Time of Your Life Giveaway, which rewards players with unique experiences. To qualify, players must be a member of the program and meet a certain level of play.

Many casino loyalty programs offer a deposit bonus. This is a bonus based on how much the player deposits into his or her account. The amount is typically doubled.

Another popular method of rewarding loyal customers is to give them free spins. These usually allow players to try new games for free.


When it comes to casino loyalty programs, you have plenty of options to choose from. Each one offers different benefits and bonuses. In some cases, customers can receive free spins, cashback, or deposit bonuses. Depending on the type of game they play, the number of points they earn may vary.

Boarding Pass is one of the more popular casino loyalty programs in the United States. The program offers players the chance to earn free slots play and dining rewards. They also provide special offers that are delivered via email. There are also many redemption options.

To sign up for the program, you must be 21 years or older and have a valid photo identification. You must also have made a minimum of a certain amount of deposits.


If you are a frequent Las Vegas visitor, you’ve likely heard of Grazie Casino loyalty programs. These programs are designed to give guests access to perks such as suite rates, complimentary nightclub entries, concert tickets and more. The Grazie program is offered at both the Venetian and the Palazzo, two hotels run by Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

You can join Grazie Rewards for free and start earning points by spending money at the resort, hotels or retail shops. Once you have earned a certain number of points, you can exchange them for slots credits or Resort Comps. Grazie offers a variety of other upgrades to your membership.

If you are a Grazie member, you can receive special discounts for rental cars, exclusive show ticket pre-sales and other services before the general public. Grazie members can also enjoy the best tables in restaurants.

Winners Circle

The Winners Circle casino loyalty program is a boon to players. It is free to join and provides numerous benefits from complimentary dining to free play. You can also participate in surveys and receive notifications and alerts through their mobile app.

The Winners Circle mobile app is the first of its kind in South Africa and is available for users at Peermont resorts and casinos. Users can download the app and access their accounts, participate in surveys and check their reward points balance.

The Winners Circle loyalty program has a relatively easy point earning structure. Players earn points when they play on slot machines and carded slots. These points can be redeemed at the game of choice or on gifts at the gift shop.

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