If you’re a sports bettor, you’ve probably noticed a lot of controversy in the betting world. A prominent Colorado sports bettor’s story about issues at Barstool Sportsbook caused a firestorm of debate about the ethics of sports betting. Barstool founder Dave Portnoy felt the pressure to respond, but did he? Read on to learn more about this and other recent scandals in the betting world.

The Black Sox scandal and other incidents involving sports wagering have become part of the history of betting in America. The Supreme Court legalized sports wagering in 2018, but many are still concerned about the potential for corruption. This increased level of gambling means more eyes watching wagers than ever before, which means a greater risk of corruption. This is especially true in a legal industry, where there is a lot more money at stake than ever before.

Chile, for example, is working to legalize sports wagering, but several operators support Chilean soccer clubs. This has triggered a controversy with the regulatory body. President Pablo Milad, of the ANFP (National Association of Football Federations) in Chile, has said that he wants to regulate the sport betting industry and maintain his control. Despite his support for football, Milad wants to ensure that sports betting is regulated in a manner that is comfortable for the regulator. While the Premier League is moving forward with a voluntary ban on bookmaker sponsorships, the proposed legislation is not going to come into effect until three years, as many of the existing partnerships will prevent the launch of new controls.

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