One of the most common terms in the poker world is “targeting.” Targeting in poker means to know which hands to raise and call before you make a decision. It’s an important part of bluffing. Let’s say you have a hand like a set of sevens and fours. You can’t bet more than a quarter of the pot before the flop, so it’s important to know what hands to call and which ones to fold.

Pistol Poker Game Targets are made from heavy recycled paper. Each target is the size of a normal card. They measure approximately 20.5″ x 14″ and are sold in packs of ten. The targets are made with a heavy paper stock that simulates the feeling of being 300 yards away from the target. This target is a great way to practice your shooting skills while still having fun. The best part is that the targets are easy to use and shoot!

Game of Pistol Poker Heavy recycled paper is used to create the targets. Every target is the size of a typical playing card. They come in packs of 10 and size around 20.5″ x 14″. The hefty paper stock used to make the targets replicates the sensation of being 300 yards away from the target. This target is a terrific way to have fun while honing your shooting techniques. The targets’ ease of use and shooting is the finest feature!

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