The casino in Vatra Dornei is going through major renovation and will open to the public in December 2017. The Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti accessed European funds to fund the project. The Archbishop and local town officials signed a financing contract for the project and the Archdiocese entrusted Director Vasile Asandei to lead the project.

The casino is the oldest building in the town and was built in 1890. In the year 1774, the locality was based on the gas reserves of Dorna. The state of Dorna and the state of Vatra Dornei developed around them. The casino’s current owners, Arab investors, are planning to renovate the building. They will add a cinema and restaurant, and expand the commercial space.

The casino in Vatra Dornei is one of Romania’s oldest casinos. It was built between 1896 and 1898 and is located on Republicii Street, no. 5. The casino is adjacent to Balenary Park and the river Dorna. The building was previously used as a concert hall, working club, and gambling establishment. The casino in Vatra Dornei was officially inaugurated on July 10, 1899.

In 1870, the town was a small village. It was a part of the Habsburg Empire. However, in 1640, the city had been already urbanized. The Habsburg Empire ruled the city for eleven years, and the inhabitants of Vatra Dornei struggled to gain independence and fought for their freedom. After that, the city was part of the Austrian Empire. The exploitation of natural resources also helped spur the urbanization of the town.

Today, the city is a popular tourist destination. There are many attractions nearby, including an 1855 castle. The town is home to several hotels and casinos. There is also a large public square. The casino has more than 1,200 slots. It is open daily and features live music, bingo, and casino games.

During the Second World War, the casino was used by the German military. It was heavily damaged during the withdrawal of the last military units from Vatra Dornei, but it was repaired and renovated during the next few years. It was also home to several public utilities rooms, including a library and a candy confectionery. The casino in Vatra Dornei is now a classified historic monument.

The casino in Vatra Dornei is located in a city with a population of about 20,000. The city is a small town located on a hill overlooking a valley. The town has a high percentage of tourists. The city is also home to an international airport.

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