After years of experience working in live casino games, I can confirm that being a dealer is no easy feat! There are so many moving parts that need to come together smoothly for players to have an enjoyable experience – all while the dealer remains at the helm!

One of the most essential abilities a dealer must possess is being able to read people and develop relationships. No matter if you’re dealing poker, blackjack, roulette or any other casino game, building trust with customers and clients is paramount for success.

Table Games Dealer

Table games dealers have the unique responsibility of operating casino tables, playing house hands, determining winners and payouts, handling difficult customers, and preventing cheating and scamming. Their duties may differ depending on the type of casino they work in; however, their core responsibilities remain unchanged.

Play gambling games such as dice, roulette, cards or keno according to all game regulations and rules. Pay out winnings or collect losses according to these same procedures.

Unruly or disruptive customers must be handled professionally to guarantee patrons an enjoyable gaming experience. Dealers also keep tabs on the table, players and equipment for signs of tampering or cheating; when they observe suspicious or threatening behavior they alert security immediately.

Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack dealers are experienced game administrators who facilitate play by dealing cards and processing payouts. Furthermore, they manage player transactions and alert their pit supervisor of any disputes or irregularities during gameplay.

Blackjack Dealers typically make a comfortable salary from their employer and additional compensation from tips provided by players.

They have the flexibility to work in shifts and manage multiple games simultaneously, or they could choose to advance in their careers and become a gaming manager.

Blackjack dealers make great career options for those who enjoy casino gaming and engaging with people. Not only can they earn a nice income, but they’ll also build their network in the process.

Craps Dealer

Craps dealers work as part of a team of four to manage a casino table and encourage guests to place wagers. Each dealer takes turns at different positions, which helps them stay sharp and hon their skills as dealers.

Craps dealers have the responsibility of dealing dice, settling disputes and ensuring guests enjoy their experience at the table. They must communicate regularly with team leaders in order to notify them of any unnatural plays or broken house rules.

This job necessitates manual dexterity, excellent hand-eye coordination and an in-depth knowledge of gambling laws and regulations. Furthermore, strong people skills as well as a friendly demeanor are necessary.

Roulette Dealer

Roulette dealers are responsible for changing cash or casino chips into roulette chips, spinning the wheel, dropping the ball and collecting winning bets. Furthermore, they must keep track of all stakes placed on the table.

Becoming a successful roulette dealer starts with mastering the game. After that, you can apply your expertise when working at an active table.

Dealers need the ability to calculate winning payouts quickly. A thorough understanding of the odds for each bet will enable them to do this effectively.

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